Our Journey with Cacao

Man and woman on a couch with cup of cacao


What's Cacao Lab?

Cacao Laboratory is a social good company with roots in New York, USA and Málaga, Spain that honors the tradition and integrity of ceremonial Cacao. Through proprietary blends, Cacao ceremonies and educational offerings, Cacao Laboratory aims to bridge the gap between modern culture and indigenous communities.

Who are we?

The brand was co-founded by siblings Florencia and Fede Fridman.

In 2016, Florencia visited Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to study metaphysical practices. Here, she had a transformational experience at a Cacao ceremony.

After returning to New York, she partnered with her brother to bring ceremonial Cacao to the United States. Sourcing trips led them to Guatemala and Ecuador where they found high vibrational Cacao that honored the land and Mother Earth.

Today, Florencia leads ceremonies and educational offerings, and Fede runs the business and operations of the company. They both work with Nana Marina Cruz, a Mayan wisdom keeper from the T’zutujil community, the guardians of ceremonial cacao. In 2019, they launched a Cacao documentary to share how Cacao originated:


Cacao: Food of the Gods